born in 1982, he starts playing bass at age 12…throughout his career he played blues, jazz, fusion, latin, rock, pop, funk and gospel music, and collaborated with artists like Andrea Dulbecco, Giovanni Falzone, Antonio Faraò, Bruno Heinen, Gene Calderazzo, Stefano Bagnoli, Bebo Ferra, Roberto Cecchetto, Dado Moroni, Claudio Filippini, Javier Girotto, Paolo Jannacci, Luciano Zadro, Maciek Pysz, Mattia Cigalini, Maxx Furian, Marco Detto, Massimo Colombo, Walter Calloni and many many more.
from 1997 to 1999 he played with Dockery Farms Blues Band, in 2001 he started working with singer-songwriter Antonio Turconi for his debut album “Lettere Dal Bagnasciuga” and later recorded again with him for “Cronache Imperfette”, published in 2009.
in 2002, together with pianist Gianfranco Calvi and drummer Angelo Corvino he created the band MAG Trio with whom he recorded “Pensieri Circolari” (2004, with special guest Javier Girotto on saxophone) and “L’Attesa (2011). in 2003 he is among the finalists of prestigious “Premio Nazionale Massimo Urbani” for jazz musicians where he wins a scholarship to attend the Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz Clinics in Perugia the same year.
in 2015 he founded MAMA4 together with Andrea Dulbecco, Massimiliano Milesi and Alessandro Rossi.
in 2016 he founded KINO TRIO together with Bruno Heinen and Riccardo Chiaberta, releasing their first album “Il Cielo Sopra Berlino” in 2019 for Babel Label.

besides collaborating with many groups he also teaches electric bass, music theory, harmony and music production.

he composes and produces music for film, short movies, video games and commercials for important brands such as Pomellato, Zegna, Who’s Who, FullFrameFigure, Prada, Manor, Ostia! Media,
I’m Smart, and many more.

he currently lives in London UK